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"Tank Gallery 4"

The following Photographs have been donated by Battlefrontmodels Customers they range from basic customised RC tanks to heavily modified models, if you would like to submit a project to the Tank Gallery please email us at the Battlefront HQ for details.


That the British Government in 1939 asked the Druids to hold a service on the south coast of England to cast a spell to ward of the coming invasion of Hitlers forces...Strange but True.


After doing two panthers, a jadgpanther, three Tigers, a T34, a PzIII and with a King Tiger kit sitting in my spare bedroom waiting for the cold wet winter weekends there was one obvious project I hadn’t tried…. A Sturmtiger.

The ready made Torro models are fine, but a little toy like and lacking in detail. Beyond a quick repaint I couldn’t see what I could do with one, so I decided to build something a bit special. Lou Petheridge provided a top notch Heng Long Tiger, metal late war wheels, drive sprockets and suspension upgrades and Imperial modelbau of Germany provided a resin Sturmtiger conversion kit. This is expensive but the ultimate kit: it comes with 3 different mortars, two different top hatch designs and dozens of resin & white metal parts. Most impressively its of scale thickness so is nearly ˝” thick in places.

I wanted it with all the hatches open: this meant making as much internal detail as I could including the loading tray, ammo racks and chairs. I had problems getting sturmtiger shells so initially used inert 20mm cannon rounds, until David came to my rescue and made me some proper shells. You can still see two cannon rounds on the ammo racks masquerading as bunker-busting shells.

The only real problems I had with the model was attaching the upper shell. There are very few points of contact between the upper and lower hull. The track guards got in the way as did the boxes and tools on the donor sturm. Fortunately my dremmel dealt with those… unfortunately it also dealth with a bundle of cables… after two hours swearing and some heavy duty soldering I was back on track. In the end I used ‘sausages’ of milliput (2 part epoxy) to rolled along the back deck and front glasis. I pushed the top citadel down onto the putty, tidied up with a scalpel and let it set overnight. The zimmerit along the sides (also milliput) hid any joins at the side.

After that it was painting time: I used a 50:50 mix of Tamiya buff and desert yellow to make the base colour. I then overpainted a cammo pattern with Vallejo model air panzer green and Tamiya red brown. I used photos of a real sturm captured in the Rhur in 1945 (and currently preserved in working condition in Germany). The dashes were hand painted with a big wedge shaped brush. After that it was just layer upon layer of flat earth and dilute grey to dull everything down, lots of rust and oil then tracks on and on the shelf!

Text by Peter Symonds of Nottingham UK















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Nuclear physicist Neils Bohr was rescued in the nick of time from German occupied Denmark. While Danish resistance fighters provided covering fire he ran out of the back door of his home stopping momentarily to grab a beer bottle full of precious "heavy water". He finally reached England still clutching the bottle, which contained beer. Perhaps some German drank the heavy water.......