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"Tank Gallery 26"

The following Photographs have been donated by Battlefrontmodels Customers they range from basic customised RC tanks to heavily modified models, if you would like to submit a project to the Tank Gallery please email us at the Battlefront HQ for details.


''Tiger 1''

by Michael Dady - Nottingham UK

 This heavily modified Heng Long Tiger was sent in by Michael Dady it has uprated metal

drive gears, tracks, wheels, sprockets and idlers.. plus a metal recoiling barrel

 and extra rx18 electronics board to stop the tank 'kangarooing' when the main gun is fired.


This Tiger is nicely finished in tank grey with a combat wash effect and

heavy battle damage.




''Modified WSN T34/85''

by Michael Dady - Nottingham UK

Just a couple of pics of my wsn t34/85! This is a wsn model with Heng 
Long electronics fitted! regards Michael Dady of Nottingham UK!

Nice rust effect there Michael!  BFM Team


Schwerer Panzerjager Tiger (P) SdKfz 184

German Heavy Tank Destroyer WW2

by Ernie Oliva. London U.K.

Hi Battlefrontmodels,

I have sent in pictutres of my latest model a Ferdinand Elefant Heavy Tank Destroyer used by the Wehrmacht from 1943 in limited numbers.

Here are the stages I went through on the project in the first picture you can see the original colour plus some resin pieces I had to make to replace missing pieces, the model is a beast all in metal and weighs in at 9.0 kgs and is a solid piece of kit.

The model was in plain green/grey drab and was RC when I received it but the very basic model supplied with basic H/L equipment only track operations, no barrel sound smoke functions, I have now fitted those items with upgraded speakers, sound card to 2.4ghz full control elevation, high intensity gun flash etc. all it does not do is make tea.

I have done many models now and this is my 'Holy Grail' and I think it's probab;y set me back in the region of 650 to 700 GBP and that does not inclued twelve months time and effort to making it look half realistic.

I try not to copy pictures of other model tanks livery and do my own thing and that's good enough for me, and I hope this inspires other modellers to have a bash at something different and in the end it's about always having fun!


Nice job as always Ernie - BFM Team


At the beginning of the Second World War in Europe, the German army draws the first lessons of battle it had delivered in France and Poland. Conscious of its weakness in the field of armored vehicles, Germany wanted to have a heavy tank, called "tank hunter".

After the work done by German armament engineers, the 184 SdKfz prototype was built in 1942. In July of that year, production began, and this huge tank was nicknamed "Ferdinand" (in memory of Dr Ferdinand Porsche), and also "Elephant" in connection with its imposing mass.

Built in haste in anticipation of the German offensive into the Soviet Union, the first models faced many technical problems that engineers were unable to resolve.

However, the "Ferdinand" (or "Elephant") tank was sent on the eastern front and it was particularly effective against Soviet tanks. Despite these successes, it was at this time a defensive weapon and many Soviet soldiers managed to destroy some SdKfz 184 tanks, especially during the Battle of Kursk, where the "Elephant" were engaged for the first time.

The following versions of this "tank hunter" were equipped with two heavy MG 34 machine guns. Toutefois son prix exorbitant et sa lenteur pousseront l'Armée allemande à ne produire qu'une très faible quantité de ce char SdKfz 184 : quatre exemplaires seulement seront encore disponibles à la fin de la guerre en 1945. However, its exorbitant price and slow speed pushed the German army to produce only a very small amount of 184 SdKfz tanks: only four will be available at the end of the war in 1945.

Ferdinant Elephant Tank Sheet

Country Creator User - Germany

Name; Ferdinand Elephant Sdkfz 184

Length; 8.14 m

Width 3.38m

Height; 2.97m#

Weight 65,000 Kgs

Max Speed 30 kph

Range 114 Km

Main Gun 88mm PAK 43L/71

SEcondary Armaments 2 x 7.92 MG34s

Engin 2 x Maybach HL120 TRM at 600 HP

Consumption Petrol 833 Ltrs per 100 km

Crew of 5 Commander, Pilot,

Secod Pilot/Gunner

Radio Operator and Loader.



Many historians believe that the Battle at Stalingrad (1942-1943) is not only arguably the bloodiest battle in history

(800,000-1,600,000 casualties), but also the turning point of WWII in Europe.

'' Soviet KV2 ''

by Michael Dady - Nottingham UK

Dear Battlefrontmodels
This is my Heng Long/Torro model of the awesome Soviet KV2! It has a
recoiling main gun plus two flashing machine in the hull and
one in the rear turret! It is also fitted with a modified Heng Long smoke
unit in which the smoke actually exits from the dual exhausts situated
on the rear deck instead of the smoke coming out of the rear light????
as in the stock model!!!
Did you know...a single kv2 stalled the 6th Panzer
Division for several days at a crossroads near Rasyeinyia?
The thick armour of the kv2 was impregnable to German tank fire,
and only vulnerable to the superlative 88mm Anti-Aircraft gun! 
Michael Dady