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"Tank Gallery 22"

The following Photographs have been donated by Battlefrontmodels Customers they range from basic customised RC tanks to heavily modified models, if you would like to submit a project to the Tank Gallery please email us at the Battlefront HQ for details.

'Jadgpanzer IV / L70'

Sent in by Peter Symonds of Nottingham UK.

This model combiningHeng Long chassis, Asiatam metal gun barrel and proline resincitadel is based on the vehicle used by the highest scoring jagdpanzer IV ace SS-Oberscharfuhrer Roy form the 12th SS Panzerjager Abteilung of the 12th SS panzer Div.Roy had been awarded the knights cross for taking on the whole Polish armoured regimentin Normandy with just three earlt production models jagdpanzers. On the 17th Dec at the start of the Ardennes offensive Rot's luck ran out as he was shot as he looked out of his hatch by a US sniper near the village of Rocherath in Belgium.

The Stug was one of the most useful armoured vehicles the Germans built in WW2. Combining the reliable but obsolescent PzII chassis in a simple casemate wuith a variety of high & low velocity guns and machine gunsit was highly succesful assult gun and tank destroyer. During the battle of Kursk it was noted that certain well deployed Stug units actually performed better than PzIV tanks and so Hitler ordered the development of a purpose built tank destroyer mounting the 75mm/L70 gunfrom the Panther on the chassis of the PzIV. Due to prodution shortages the first Jadgpanzer IV usedthe L/48 gun from the PzIV tank, but later production variants mounted the larger gun. Despite some mobility problems due to the weight of the gun and armour dislocating the rubber tyres on the front four wheels this was solved by fitting steel rimmed wheels, @Guderuians Duck' as it was nicknamed proved a great success.  Its 80mm sloping armour was extremly tough and its huge guncould take out almost anyallied tank at long range. It was only 1.8 mtrs high (just over six feet) so easily hidden and its shape wwas balistically the best of WW" vehicle with few flat surfaces and no shot traps. Only in a close fight with turreted tanks wasit at a disadvantage.

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The SS ran a brothel named “The Kitty Salon” for foreign diplomats and other VIPs in Berlin. It was wiretapped,

and 20 prostitutes underwent several weeks of intense indoctrination and training.

They were specifically trained to glean information from clients through seemingly innocuous conversations.


Sent in by Peter Symonds of Nottingham UK.

What would you do with all the left over tank turrets from your self propelled gun conversions projects? A customer of Peters suggested this:

This panzerturn has been built using a Pz4 F2 Turret on a L43/75 mm gun and MG34 Machine gun and is representative of the thousands of similar bunkers made during WW2. 

 Write up by Peter Symonds

With things going rapidly wrong for the Germans in 1943 onwards their strategy changed from the sweeping advances of Blitzkrieg to defence. On almost every front the German army started to dig in and dig in deep. Fortresses stretched along the entire atlantic coast from Norway to the Spanish border and even the Seigfried line a mass of forts and gun emplacements stretching  over 600 kms south from the Dutch border.

The quickest and simplest way was to build an armoured bunker was to drop a turret taken from an older tank and place into a concret prepared position in the ground. Turrets were taken from everything Panthers and even French Renault light tanks werre dug in from the Channel Islands to the streets of Berlin. Even today these types of defences are still in use.Bulgaria still maintains buried and Stugs in its border with Turkey and Russia, also the Chinese use a similar mentality.


Above & Below:  Panzerturn situated in a Berlin Streets

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'Refined Tiger Mk1'

Sent in by Michael Dady of Nottingham UK.

Hi Battlefrontmodels

I just thought hat I would send you some pictures of my heavily converted
Tamiya Tiger mk1. I have replaced the noisy poorly designed Tamiya elevation
unit for a Heng Long one....but replacing the Heng Long motor for the Tamiya
one which operates as it should ie.. when the transmitter lever is pushed
upward the barrel goes up and when the lever is pushed down the barrel
goes down!

I have also fitted a Heng Long smoke unit with smoke exiting the
exhausts in the correct manner! The good thing with this is that the noise
of the smoke unit gets drowned out by the loud crisp noise of the Tamiya
engine sound. I have also fitted independent headlights and rear convoy
light which run on 3v batteries! The main switch...the smoker switch and
the lights switch are placed all together in the rear engine panel for easy

The main gun ‘flashes’ when firing as does the hull machine gun!
This is probably my best tank to date but it is also probably my last as well
for a long time. Still lots of other projects to do!

Best Wishes - Michael Dady



During WW2, hamburgers in the U.S. were dubbed “Liberty Steaks” to avoid the German-sounding name.

'DAK Pz IV  F1'

2nd El Alamein, Oct 23- Nov 25 1942

Sent in by Peter Symonds of Nottingham UK.

One of the most common tanks available to Rommel in the Western Desert was the PzIV F1 with the short 75mm gun.  The IV F1 introduced balanced reliability, firepower and protection to make one of the best German medium tanks of WW". Although the 75mm gun was designed for infantry support it could fire a shaped charge shell that would penetrate the armour of most British tanks quite easily.

This model has been painted to represent a survivor of the 2nd battle of El Alamein which will be forever remembered as 'the end of the beginning'. Monty used the 50 mile gap between the town of El Alameinand the soft sands and salt marshes of the Quattarra depression to halt the Germans.He then waited  and built up his strength whilst the desert and the RAF savaged Rommels vunerable supply lines.

On the night of October 23rd 1942 under cover of darkness one of the biggest artillery barrages since WW1 British engineers cleared lanes through the huge German minefields and the cream of the allied arm: Scots Northumbrians, Indians, Australians, New Zealands, Greeks, South Africans & Free French charged through and struck hard at the strongest concentration of German & Italian forces.

After 10 days brutal of offensive and counter offensive the Axis forces had lost 30,000 men, most of there tanks and artillery and were forced to conduct a fighting retreat away from Egypt.

Churchill said later of the battle; "It may almost be said that before El Alamein we never had a victory, but after El Alamein we never had a defeat"

Thank you Peter for the Text.

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