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"Tank Gallery 21"

The following Photographs have been donated by Battlefrontmodels Customers they range from basic customised RC tanks to heavily modified models, if you would like to submit a project to the Tank Gallery please email us at the Battlefront HQ for details.


Sent in by Peter Symonds of Nottingham UK.

The 'Lehr' Division was one of the best units the Germans deployed on the Western Front. Built around a strong cadre of men, who had served as instructors in the tank training schools. Most had seen combat on the Eastern Front, Gundarian insured that these highly experienced troops were only issued with the best equipment, including a full compliment of the excellent Panther tank, also it was one of the only units to fully utilise the Jagdpanther.

Text by P.Symonds

This was a specialised commissioned model for one of Peters customers and features Battlefrontmodels upgrade kits suitable for Jagdpanther or Panther models kit includes; spare track wheel, front sprocket covers, rear bin lids and armoured transmission covers also a set of BFM shurtzen side armour plates to finish it off nicely.

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In the First World War a British Nurse who worked in German occupied Belgium was executed for treason under German Military Law she was accused of helping British and French soldiers escape via neutral Holland with false papers.


Edith Cavell born in Norfolk England was tried and executed at the 'Tir National' a shooting range in Schaerbeek the Allies, Red Cross and the USA who were not in the war at the time condemed the execution of the Nurse, but the German high Commands decision would not be swayed.


Ediths last statement to her priest was-


''Patriotism is not enough - 

I must have no hatred or bitterness to anyone''


Edith Cavell. executed 12th October 1915 Belgium



'Combat Lighting'

Sent in by Joe Canestrari of Quebec, Canada

Joe has installed an LED lighting system on his battle village and tank range strickly for 'night opts' that is, the following photos are taken from dusk until darkness.

Nice job Joe.

'Polish Brigade Halftrack'

Sent in by Peter Symonds of Nottingham UK.

 The Halftrack was origionally designed by the French by Citren to proovide a truck like vehicle capable of off road performance. The design was highly succesful and was adopted by the Germans in the guise of the Sd.Kfz,251, however it was the Ameriacn White Co. who produced the best and most versatile vehicle of the halftrack.  The M3 Halftrack was manufactured in over 45,000 types and variants for use with the US, Commonwealth and Soviet forces and saw combat in all the Theatres of WW2.  The model below depicts a modified M3 to a T19/M21.  This was a standard M3 infantry carrier modified with toughened floor and uprated suspension to enable a rear mounted 81mm (3") mortarto be fired from inside the vehicle.

This model is painted to deepict a vehicle from the Polish 1st. Carpathian Rifle Div. part of the famous Polish II corps lead by Lt. Gen. Wladysslaw Anders/ This unit was draw from Polish POWs captured by Stalin in 1939 and released via Iran in 1942. The corps fought with great distinction during the desert campaign and in 1944, with 45,000 men on strength it was transfered to Italy where the Poles achieved there greatest sucess; the capture of Monte Cassino Abbey.

Some special components supplied by Battlefrontmodels

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