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"Tank Gallery 1"

The following Photographs have been donated by Battlefrontmodels Customers they range from basic customised RC tanks to heavily modified models, if you would like to submit a project to the Tank Gallery please email us at the Battlefront HQ for details.



Sent in by Peter Symonds of Nottingham, UK. this winter Tiger tank is based on the Otto Carius tank 213 which took back a village from the Russian forces in Malinava (northern suburb of Dunaburg in Latvia) with the aid of  Kerscher's tank No. 217 they destroyed 17 Russian tanks and put a halt to a major advance in that area.

Do not rejoice in his defeat, you men. For though the world has stood up and stopped the bastard,

the bitch that bore him is in heat again.

Bertolt Brecht. (1898 - 1956)

Even if this desert is a bit hard going Rommel could be proud of this Panzer III sent in by Paul Jones of Burton upon Trent, UK




WSN-Trumpeter. T34/85  Prepared by Battlefrontmodels.


By D day 35% of German Soldiers had been wounded at least once, 11% twice, 6% three times, 3% four times and 2% more than four times.




Hunting Jagdpanzer by Lou Petherbridge. Cornwall



 DAK Tiger 1 "Marlena" Prepared by Battlefrontmodels.

DAK Tiger 1 by "Tank Girl" from Birmingham- a nice paint job!



Modified HL Panther by Ian Beale. Birmingham- excellent "moody" camo finish.



Berlin Tiger 1 or  "Yes we are lost"  by Chris Slattery, Rochford, Essex

DAK  Tiger 1. by Geoff Mathis ..USA



Scratch Built Jagd Panther by Peter Symonds, Nottingham

A Brace of Tigers by Johann Mooyer, Saffron Walden, Essex

Nice metal tracks and stowage.



This Tiger 1 was sent in by John (flash) Gordon of Fife, Scotland. UK. John’s Tiger is shown here sporting metal tracks and all the stowage that you could ever want…..

Nice job there J




Tiger 1. "Tank Riders" By Lou Petherbridge, Cornwall.   Finished Models like this are availible from "The Happy Tanker" see Featured Suppliers Page.

Hey Lou!   Where did you get that great stowage from?



If you have ever been on Ebay you would have seen this DAK Africa Korps Tiger with all the Trimmings by Lou Petherbridge, Cornwall   




Prepared by Battlefrontmodels for Tom Haskey, Staffordshire

Desert Panther from Ian Beale, Birmingham

A nice range of Armour by Anthony Wild of Rotherham, South Yorkshire UK.