Ernie Oliva of Welling, Kent



Ernie is a classic hobby modeller taking over the kitchen (when allowed) in the winter months and doing his own thing targeting only one model at a time, fully researching the project first he can take up to twelve months to finish a tank his association with BFM started in 2006 and below is one of his first 1/16 scale tanks and early Heng Long Panther in a Tri Colour scheme.

Always interested in tanks from childhood Ernie has helped in doing many R&D projects for BFM to promote new stowage ideas and add on products for different models. From early projects his own style of paintwork stands out to be highly recomended giving great detail to that wear and tear feeling of a battleworn tank, he now even clips his own tanks into background forest scenes using photoshop before sending the photographs into the BFM tank gallery.

His latest project is a new HL Panther model and is currently fitting extras and creating battle damage to areas he also has thoughts to purchasing the new 1/16 Elefant being promoted at the moment by Hooben of Germany.

He has come through a long journey and in my estimations is now a highly recomemnded Pro Modeller, so keep up the good work Ernie.



























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Morning Briefing at the Berchtesgaten.