Diorama Projects No.4



"Wehrmacht 'Vampire' Night Soldier"

Sent in by Peter Symonds of Nottingham UK

This model has been slightly modified from a standard kit to creat a Wehrmacht IR night stalker with the aid of BFM Peter has reconstructed the model to make a very specialised and interesting late german soldier.

German "Vampir" ZG 1229 Infrared System

"The Vampir was not the first German Infrared System, but by the end of the war in 1945 it was the most compact and advanced system they had. The technology itself dates back to around the start of the war, when engineers developed the first infrared rangefinder for German light anti-tank artillery. This was improved and some heavier direct-fire artillery was equipped with it as well. By 1944 the Germans had developed a version flexible enough to be mounted on the Panther tank and by the last year of the war were ready to issue the man-portable Vampir system.

The Vampir system consisted of a "black" spot light, one component of its active infrared system, fixed atop the impressive StG-44 assault rifle. Below this infrared light was a range finder that could detect the light emitted by the IR lamp. Since this light was invisible to anyone not equipped with the system it gave a massive edge over relying on flashlights and flares for illumination. The system mounted on the gun was linked by insulated wire to a heavy battery pack and simple control box that the soldier wore in place of his normal gear. Think of it as a very crude analog to today's "OICW" system being developed by the United States. It could transform a normal soldier it one capable of fighting in complete darkness, be it a cave or a moonless night, without revealing his position.

There is dispute over whether or not the Vampir was actually issued to combat soldiers. Some reports claim it was given to special units of the Waffen-SS for testing, others claim it was issued to crews of the similarly equipped Panther tanks (although this seems unlikely due to the unit's bulk). My theory is that what few units were combat-ready were probably issued to the ultra-elite commandos of commanders like Otto Skorzeny and perhaps in the final defense of Berlin. Chances are we will never know the exact truth as no photographs exist of troops utilizing the weapons in the field, but the system was proven to work. "


German "Vampir" ZG 1229 Infrared System

Battlefrontmodels can provide these specialised pieces consisting of electronics box, battery under pack, night scope and blacklight also included in the kit is a small ground roll, the kit can be attached to a standard 1/16 scale German trooper with little modification as shown and easily mounted onto a standard StG 44 Assult Rifle.


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Pz. 4 f1 Diorama with BMW 325 Support Car

Sent in by Michael Dady of Nottingham UK

Dear Battlefrontmodels

Below is a diorama I put together featuring a BMW off road support car and Pz4 f1 featured on

Gallery 17 both made for one of my Customers but altered by an overwash to tone

 down the 'dunkelgelb' into a more desert sand type camo colour as my customer did

not like the intense yellow.

regards M Dady

BMW Light Off Road Passenger Car.


Leichter gelandegangiger PKW

The light off-road passenger car was built by the  BMW-Werk Eisenach under the designation BMW 325, as well as Hanomag (Typ 20 B) and Stoewer (Typ R 180 Spezial). The vehicles were used as troop carriers (Kfz. 1), by repair-and-maintenance squads (Kfz. 2/40), by artillery reconnaissance sonic measurement squads (Kfz. 3) and by troop-level aerial defense (Kfz. 4). Almost 13,000 units were built. Between 1940 and 1943, only Stoewer continued to build the R 200 Spezial without the four-wheel steering (Typ 40). The cars weighed 1,775 kg empty (1,700 kg without the four-wheel steering). 90% of all military branches rejected the vehicle as ;unfit for wartime servic' in a 1942 enquiry, while the much simpler, lighter and cheaper Volkswagon Kubelwagon proved to be far superior in basically every respect.


"Wehrmacht Mortar Position

Sent in by Peter Symonds of Nottingham UK

This very nicely finished fixed Mortar position including trooper is another model that has been modified from a standard figurine kit by Peter and displayed in a small diorama set up.

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Eastern Front Kubelwagen

Sent in by Peter Symonds of Nottingham UK

Another great Kubelwagen model from Peter featuring a German officer with a fur coat, finish and backdrop is excellent as usual.


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