''Desert Break''

By Ernie Oliver of Welling, Kent UK

Ernie has extended the barrel from a short 75 to a longer Higher Velocity 75 Kwk Barrel with a muzzle break and also added some slick spare bogey racks on the side.


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A Brief History

The Panzerkampwagon IV (Pz.Kpfw.IV) commonly known as the Panzer IV, was a medium tankdeveloped in Nazi Germany in the late 1930's and used extensively during the second World War. It's ordinance inventory designated was Sd.Kfz.161.
Designed as an infantry support - tank the panzer IV was not origionally intended to engage enemyarmour ..that function was performed by the lighter, faster Panzer III,. However with the flaws of the pre war doctrine of seperate 'infantry' and 'cavalry' tanks becoming apparent in combat, the Pz. IV soon assumed the tank fighting roll of it's increasingly obsolescent cousin. The most widely manufactured and deployed German tank of the Second World War, the PanzerIV was used as the base for many other fighting vehicles, including tank destroyers and self propelledanti aircraft guns. Robust and reliable, it first saw service in all theatres, and has the distinction of being the only German tank to remain in continuous production throughout the war with over 8,500 units produced between 1936 and 1945.
Upgrades and design modifications often made in responce to the appearance of new allied tanks, extended it's service life in the field. Generally these involved increasing the Pz.4's armour protection or upgrading the weapons, although duringthe last months of the war and with Germany's pressing need for rapid replacement of losses, design changes also inclued retrograde measures to simplify and speed up manufacture. The Panzer IV was the most widlely exported tank in German service, with around 300 sold to partners Finland and Bulgaria.
After the war the French and Spanish sold numerous units to
Syria where during the 1960's they saw combat against Israel


''105mm StuH 42 Sturmhaubitze Ausf G

Sent in By Lou Petherbridge of Cornwall UK

Lou has really cracked this one an unusual build for modellers based upon the Pz III chassis with bogey wheel racks and sporting an Mg 42

Lou Ausf 42 A
StuH 42 105mm B
Lou Ausf 42 B
StuH 42 105mm A
Lou Ausf 42 C
Lou Ausf 42 E
Lou Ausf 42 D

Jo Canastrari -Quebec, Canada

Here's a few photo's of Joe's Model tanks proudly displayed in his den and featuring some BFM stowage items 200 Ltr Fuel barrels.

Canastrari Shelf C
Canastrari Shelf A
Canastrari Shelf B

Jo Canastrari -Quebec, Canada

A work in progress a Tiger 2 tank being equiped with barrels and mounts etc.

Canastrari Tiger 2 A
Canastrari Tiger 2 B


''The Don Campaign''
David Grey, Dallas Texas US

This Tiger has been painted as TIKI 8
s. Kz.Kp. 'Das Reich' May 1943.
It is equiped with the latest Tamiya I.R System.

Tex Flag
David Texas A
David Texas B


''A Bridge Too Far''
Peter Symonds Nottingham UK

This has been a very large project for Peter he has heavily converted a Std. Tamiya Sherman into a Firefly adding a rear turret compartment and a cullen cutter just for good measure.

Visit Peters own site -

PS. Firefly A
PS. Firefly E
PS. Firefly B
PS. Firefly D

15cm Sturm- Infanteriegeschutz 33

Scratch built onto a Pz. III chasis by Lou Peterbridge
of Cornwall UK

LPeth Sturm 33 E
LPeth Sturm 33 C
LPeth Sturm 33 A
LPeth Sturm 33 BW
LPeth Sturm 33 B
LPeth Sturm 33 col