EO Ferd E
EO Ferd D
EO Ferd F
EO Ferd C

Ernie has come up with something different and unusual this time I know he has been passionately wanting to does this project for a long time, and never hurry's his models along only doing two or three projects a year.
This plain sand based colour with an Octopus paint job is just the ticket, followed by a crew standing on the deck.. brilliant.


Ferd 1
EO Ferd BW G

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Ferd 3
Ferd 2
Ferd 7
Ferd Bov A
Ferd Bov B
MD KV2 1

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MD KV2 4
MD KV2 5
MD KV2 2


KV2 BW 4
KV2 BW 2

A captured KV2 being used
by the Gernam Army

KV2 BW 3

KV2 being Re Supplied