PS Jagd D

This particular Panther was a special commision from one of Peters Customers, and features Battlefrontmodels upgrade kits suitable for all 1/16 Panther or Jagdpanther models.
The kit includes spare track wheel (seen on Turret) front sprocket covers, rear bin lids and armoured transmission covers also a set of Shurtzen side armoured skirts to finish the model off nicely.

Panther IRed
Panther Rail
Panther hedge

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JC night C
JC night D

' Polish Brigade Halftrack '

Sent in by
Peter Symonds of Nottingham UK

PS Half Tra A

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PS Half Tra B

The 'Half - Track' (M3) was origionlly designed by the French by Citroen to provide a truck like vehicle capable of off road performance. The design was highly succesful and was adopted by the Germans in the Guise of the Sd.Kfzz.251 however it was the American White Co, the Diamond T Motor Co, and the Autocar Co. until the end of war.

The White Co produced the best and most versatile of all the Halftracks made. The M3 Halftrack was manufactured in over 45,000 types and variants for use with the US, Commonwealth and Soviet forces. And saw combat in all theatres of WW2.

The model shown depicts a modified M3 to a T19/M21. This was a standard M3 infantry carrier modified with toughened floor and uprated suspension to enable a rear mounted 81mm Mortar fixed to be fired inside the vehicle.

PS Half Tra K

This model was painted to depict a vehicle from the Polish 1st. Carpathian Rifle Div. part of the famous Polish II Corps lead by Lt. Gen. Wladysslaw Anders.

This unit was drawn from Polish POW's captured by Stalin in 1939 and released via Iran in 1942, The corps foughtw with great distinction during the desert campaign and in 1944 with 45,000 men on strength it was transfered to Italy where the Poles achieved there greatest sucess the capture of of Monte Cassino Abbey.

Some small parts were manufactured by BFM for this project.

PS Half Tra G
PS Half Tra L
PS Half Tra J
PS half Tra I