The Panther being the father of the Battle tank never quite met expectations and the design was constantly adjusted as war went on. The 'IR' Infra Red night version was scheduled for phased introduction throughout 1945, this Panther with its newley re designed 'Schmalturm' or Narrow Turret would have formed the backbone of the German Panzer divisions had the war in Europe continued longer.

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PS IR Panther G

The Schmalturm turret featured a narrower mantlet and overall front profile which reduced the exposed frontal area eliminating a shot trap as seen in the earlier Panther turrets.
The narrower design also weighted slightly less, had thicker frontal armour and was easier to produce than the Ausf.G turret and provided greater protection.
This new turret was designed by Daimler Benz and was mounted on a modified Panther G.with two prototypes made late 43 -44.

Text by Peter Symonds

PS IR Panther C
PS IR Panther B
PS IR Panther D
PS IR Panther F
PS IR Panther E

The 'IR' System was also designed for use with special night attack troops this was a smaller version (below) and included a telescopic sight and a battery pack, these were not widley produced as there production was late in the war.
These were fitted to a StG 44 Assult Rifle.

IR SS Troop
BA Sturm E

A Classic beast of a tank this 'Torro' 1/16 th model Sturmtiger is showing slight combat damage to the mudguards and painted in aTri Colour camo finish.
This model has been Zimmerite coated to the lower reachable areas as this was applied to thwart magnetic mine attachment by the enemy.
These tanks could only be thought up by the Germanic mind and was designed to serve as a Bunker or Block destruction device.
This tank s you can see has a very short barrel, this because it fired a very large 380 mm rocket propelled shell which afforded no recoil having to be loaded by a crane, and was apparently fired remotely.
The destructive power was enormous and was used in seige situations to break the will of the Town or City.
Designed in 1943 - 44 and weighing in at 68 tons it could travel at 25 mph and was built upon a Tiger 1 chassis.

BA Sturm D
Sturm 19 B
Sturm 19 A
Sturm 19 C
Sturm 19 F
PS 222 D
PS 222 F
PS 222 A