PS Brum A
PS Teller A

The 'Brummbar' a Brief History.

The Sturmpanzer was a development of the Pz.4 tank design built to provide direct infantry fire support, especially in urban area'sThe result was the Sturmpanzer, which used a Pz.4 chassis with the upper hull and rotating turret being replaced by a casemate style armoured superstructure housing a new gun, the 15 cm (5,9'') STuH 43 L/12 developed by Skoda.

It fired the same shells as the 15cm SIG 33 heavy infantry gun. There were in all Thirty Eight rounds carried on board, with seperate propellant cartridges.
It used a SfL.Zf -1a sight. An MG34 machine gun was carried that could be fastened to the open gunners hatch, much like the arrangement on the Sturmgeshultz III Ausf. G.

Early vehicles carried an MP40 sub machine gun inside which could be fired through pistol ports in the sides of the superstructure for crew protection.

The drivers station projected forward of the front sloped armoured plate and used the Tiger 1 Fahrersehklappe 80 drivers sight. Unfortunately the fighting compartment was badly ventilated by natural convection, exiting through the rear of the superstructure via two armoured covers. Side skirts were fitted as standard to protect the tracks and bogey wheels etc.

Early vehicles were too heavy for the chassis which lead to frequent breakdowns of the suspension and transmission. Efforts were made to ameliorate this from the second run with some success.

MD Pz.4 E

Michael has achieved a lot on this model looks simple but is quite complex the paint finish and weathering are superb, I like the rear personally and finished even to a bucket.

MD Pz.4 C

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