Now the Tzar has gone from history and Russia is now the 'Russian Communist Party' started by Lenin. In 1918 the country was run by Joseph Stalin (known by the Allies as Uncle Joe) siezing power quickly he starts the ''Five Year Plan'' to bring the Bolshevik State into the 20th Century by extreme measures with the use of secret police NKVD and later on from 1952 the KGB.

Factories of all types are to be made from scratch steel smelting to arms and machine tools of all types or as Stalin said 'Guns before Butter'

His own people would starve or be imprisoned if he did not get his way and many did, (see Gulags) it was necessary but five years was too quick, but needed at that time as Russia was weak and vunerable to outside pressures and possible invasion.

During the internal Russian Civil War of 1918 - 1920 equipment was made in the Nizhny Novgorod Machine factory built armoured trains, armoured carriages, and weapons for the Volga Military Flotilla.
In 1920 this factory re manufactured 14 French Renault FT tanks for the Red Army.

Stalin looked at all countries for Tank Design Britain France and the USA
a designer located in the USA called J. Walter Christie developed a unique suspension system for tanks with rubber lined track wheels, revolutionary for the time, but this was rejected by the US Army.

They assembled a NEW copy of this small tank and named them the ''Freedom Fighter Lenin'' Tank.

Basically the Army did not like change as they were still in the Cavalry Era and run by Generals with 1880's idealogy.

Soviet BT 5 .. based upon the BT Series a 'Christie Design' manufactured from 1932 - 1940 approx.

A Medium Lightly Armoured and Gunned Tank but very fast on the Battlefield.

And looking like a very early T34 !

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Sov T26 Sachl Finn

Many Tanks were tested in the Finnish - Soviet war of 1938
This Soviet Tank was destroyed by Finnish Troops with a Satchel Charge. The Soviets used large numbers of tanks and artillery as well as trucks in the dense and winter Finnish Forests, but the Finns were very adept at Winter Warfare dealing with the Russians with manpower alone they fought them to a stalemate.

Finn Sach Chg

ABOVE: A Finnish Satchel Charge.

T28 Prod

ABOVE: Production of the T28

T28 Med

ABOVE: The Soviet T28 Medium Tank was the first mass produced modern medium Tank

T 35 Sov Tank

ABOVE: The Soviet T35 Medium Tank bristling with fire power for its time.

B37-A Amphibious Tank

ABOVE: The Soviet T37 - A Light Amphibious Tank. Kubinka Tank Museum Russia,
This tank was revolutionary for its time even the Germans were late fitting snorkels to there Pz, III's.

Pol TKS tankette
Brit Bren Carr

BELOW: Turret of the T 34/85 showing commander's all round vision hatch introduced part way through production model T 34 of 1943.

T-34 - 85 cupola

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T44 - 85 proto
T 44 -85 soviet

ABOVE: Left T44 - 85 prototype during trials.. note: they have no splash boards.
Right: Second Generation prototype seen at the NIBT proving grounds near Kubrinka 1944.

Notice how these model design's are looking similar to the comingdesigns of the T54 and T55 Series of Tanks

Sov T34 Ukraine 2
T44 - 122 and Panther

The Red Army in Bucharest with British Supplied Universal Carrier

Br LL Sov Carrier

A British Lend Lease Churchill Tank leaving the Factory destined for the Red Army about 1942

Church Tank sent to Russia
Brit Valentine Russia 1944

Valentine MK III in the Soviet Union knocked out by the Germans in the Winter War, January 1944.

Are Soviet M4 A2s USA (Lend Lease) Tanks Lined up in the Czech city of BRNO
Note the Old Russian Truck on the Right.

Soviet M4 A2  76mm Czzech street in BRNO
under construction

Centurian Production from 1945 - 1960

M4 Sherman

M4 Sherman

Cromwell Mk III Cruiser

M26 Pershing

M26 Pershing

A brief Synopsis

The Six day war with Israel and the Arab armies of Syria, Egypt,Jordan and Iraq in 1967 was a quick war the Israeli peoples were squeezed into War by the Arabs ... so the Israeli forces struck first, within 24 hours the airforces of the Arabs were liquidated. Israeli had air supremacy every working part time Pilot and Soldier were briefed in secret of there targets.. Pilots and alike just left there day to day jobs and climbed into a Fighter plane and took off to there target locations.

After six days it was all over quick and clean with supreme planning they took control of the Golan Heights a plateau (Known simply as the Golan) over looking Israel where they suffered many incidents of aggression and aggrivation by the Syrians for many years, firing rockets and sniping farm steads along the border.
Israel took the Golan and kept it after the war only being recognised by the US as there won land.

The Israeli only had 800 tanks much supplied by the USA, the Arabs ' Iraq ' alone had over 2504 tans

Israel has one of the words finest intelligent agencies in the world Mossad along with the USA (CIA) and Great Britains (MI6), Mossad it responcible for counter terrorism and covert operations world wide.

Eli Cohen and Egyptian born Jew was recruted by the Israeli's in 1961 and was placed into the Syrian Army of Affairs and soon rose to the top being an adviser to the Syrian Chief of defence.
He advise that hidden artillery pieces on the Golan Heights were possibly better hidden if they were planted all around the bunkers with shrubs and trees.

This of course in a barren landscape made the positions easy targets for the Israeli combat airforce to destroy.. just shoot at the bushes!

In 1965 he was caught by the Syrians and hanged in 1965 for espionage, only his watch was recovered and the Syrians still to this day refuse to give his body back.

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Syrian T34 Conv
Egyptian T55

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The T-14 main gun has an unmanned turret mounting a 125mm 2A82-M1 smooth-bore gun fed by an automatic loader the turret hold a total of 45 rounds of ammunition, including ready to use mixed ammunitions. This main gun can also fire laser guided missles.