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BMW Light Off Road Passenger Car
Leichter Gellandegangiger PKW

This light off road pssenger car was built by BMW-Werk Eisenach under the designation BMW 325, as well as the HanomagTyp.20 B and Stoewer Type R 180 Spezial. The vehicles were used as troop carriers
KFz-1, by repair and maintenance squads Kfz.2/40, by artillery reconnaissance sonic measurement squads Kfz-3 and by troop level ariel defense Kdz-4 and by troop level.
Almost 13,000 units were built between 1940 and 1943, only Steower continued to build the R-200 Spezial without the four wheel steering Typ-40. The vehicles weighed 1,775 kg empty and 17000 without the four wheel steering. 90% of all military branches rejected the vehicle as unfit for wartime service in a 1942 enquiry, while the much simpler, lighter and cheaper Volkswagon Kubelwagon provided to be far superior in basically every aspect,

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