''Diorama Projects No.4''

The following Photographs and information have been donated by Battlefrontmodels Customers over the years  they range from basic to customised RC tanks and vehicles to heavily modified models.

All images and data are copyright to the Members and BFM


'Pz.4 f1 with BMW Support Car'


Sent in by Michael Dady of Nottingham UK.

Dear Battlefrontmodels

Below is a Diorama that I have put together featuring an off road support car and a Pz. 4 f1 both made for one of my Customers but altered with an overwash to tone down the 'Dunkelgelb' into a more desert sand type camo as my Customer did not like the intense yellow ochre camo paint.

Regards Michael

MD Pz4 A MD Pz4 B MD Pz4 C MD Pz4 D MD Pz4 E


 BMW Light Off Road Passenger Car


Leichter Gellandegangiger PKW


This light off road pssenger car was built by BMW-Werk Eisenach under the designation BMW 325, as well as the HanomagTyp.20 B and Stoewer Type R 180 Spezial. The vehicles were used as troop carriers

KFz-1, by repair and maintenance squads Kfz.2/40, by artillery reconnaissance sonic measurement squads Kfz-3 and by troop level ariel defense Kdz-4 and by troop level.

Almost 13,000 units were built between 1940 and 1943, only Steower continued to build the R-200 Spezial without the four wheel steering Typ-40. The vehicles weighed 1,775 kg empty and 17000 without the four wheel steering. 90% of all military branches rejected the vehicle as unfit for wartime service in a 1942 enquiry, while the much simpler, lighter and cheaper Volkswagon Kubelwagon provided to be far superior in basically every aspect,

MD Pz4  I MD Pz4 G MD Pz4 J MD Pz4 F

'Wehrmacht Mortar Position'


Peter Symonds of Nottingham UK.


A nicely finished fixed Mortar Position including a trooper is another model modified by Peter from a Std. figurine kit and displayed into a small Diorama set up.

PS Mort C PS Mort B PS Mort A

Why not visit Peters site




'Eastern Front Kubelwagon'


Peter Symonds of Nottingham UK.


Another model from Peter featuring a German Officer wearing his fur coat  and holding a Soviet PPsh 41  sub machine pistol standing next to his Kubelwagon.

A very nice snowy backdrop.

PS W Kubel A PS W Kubel D PS W Kubel B PS W Kubel C


"Come Let Me Show You Where The Iron Crosses Grow"

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